Scrap Leather Envelope Wallet

Have a leather good that fell apart? Bought scraps online for another project? This is a great quick project that is fast and easy (but doesn’t look like it).

Tools Needed:

  • Leather
  • Cutting surface
  • Cutting tool (I’m using a rotary cutter here, but you could use an Exacto or similar blade)
  • Rivets
  • Leather Hole Punch (these often come in rivet sets). I’m just using a hole punch from Martha Stewart Crafts
  • Rubber Mallet (do not use a standard hammer – you’ll damage your tools and the noise will be awful while you do)
  • Metal Ruler
  • Chalk marker or similar to mark on the leather without being permanent

Since I wanted to use this envelope to hold cards, I used one to start my template. However, if you wanted this for something else like a phone, the same basic idea applies. Draw lines giving yourself about 1/4 inch extra space.

Mark the halfway point of each side of your rectangle. Next mark another mark about 3.5 inches from the original rectangle on all sides.

Cut diagonally from the vertical middle mark to the horizontal mark.

You’ll want to end up with a shape like below. Don’t forget to cut out the notches like in the photo – it’ll make the folding both neater and easier.

Using the leather hole punch, punch a hole in each corner.

Make sure to line the holes up by folding the corners into the middle. Start by folding in the right side, left side, then the bottom up.

Line up the rivet snaps and hammer them together using your mallet.

I’m showing an inset to help remind you how the rivet snaps come together – the female snap part pairs with the exterior tab, and you use the tool with the narrow point to hammer into the flat slide of the base.

The two male parts of the snap pair together (the longer goes on the bottom). Use the tool with with the concave point to hammer into the convex part of the base.

That’s it! Once you have the rivet hammering down, you can translate it to lots of other scrap goods – like cord wraps and key chains!

So may options for leather scraps and rivets…