Struggling with Creativity

Do you struggle with creative endeavors? I think we all do. As creatives, we set such high expectation for ourselves, and for the right reasons. Lately, I have changed my focus from visual creative projects to more written ones. Worry not! I have some new projects in the works and will soon make an appearance. Hears to keeping the faith, and knowing that creativity doesn’t exist on a schedule.

Sustainable Fashion

As we keep in mind our consumption and impact on the world around us, one of my personal focuses has been fashion. Fast fashion is a huge environmental drain, as well as a source of many unethical work practices. While I always advocate for second-hand clothing, I understand that sometimes we want something for our wardrobe that you just can seem to locate. Etsy also has great handmade and second-hand options, but for new purchases, I found this great list of brands working on both improving the ethics and sustainability of the clothing supply chain.

How are you evolving your style and fashion? Have you decluttered your closet? Started a capsule wardrobe?

Recycled Fabric Dog Toy

I’m always on the lookout for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Currently we’re in a bit of a bind on our recycling (most of what we recycle ends up in the garbage, regardless of our good intentions), so I’ve definitely been more mindful of reducing my consumption and attempting to reuse what I already have. So when I found this great dog toy DIY, I had to share.

Insta-crafter of the week…Jonah!

Kids like Johan warm my heart!

I just had to share this article on my new favorite crafter, and fellow Wisconsinite, Jonah Larson. He’s 11 years old and loves to crochet!

And you can follow him on Instagram

Considering that the kids in WI have had sooo many snow/cold weather days off of school, I have a good feeling that Jonah has made great progress on his pending orders.

Stay In, Stay Warm and Make Something

If you haven’t heard, much of the Midwest is trapped inside due to the effects of a polar vortex. Temperatures here in Wisconsin are in the double digit negatives – without windchill. Gang, that’s cold enough to turn boiling water into snow nearly instantly.

Looks better than it feels…

Since Winter (the dog) shockingly has decided that -20ºF might be too cold to play outside, we have hunkered down. I’ve spent the day tidying, which is usually the worst thing to do, but I feel pretty good about it. Even on a day as ‘miserable’ as today, I’m feeling pretty happy. And it might just be because yesterday I made over a dozen pieces of jewelry, and I’m still feeling a crafter’s high.

Apparently I’m not alone: According to a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, 658 students at Otago University in New Zealand, participated in arts and crafts. They journaled their emotions after partaking in creative endeavors and overwhelmingly felt calmer, happier, and more energetic the next day. The craft didn’t matter – writing, coloring, designing, knitting; all reported crafts netted an improvement of mood. That’s not the only study…there are dozens that detail how crafts can improve mood and treat anxiety, and even further promote MORE creativity!

So even though the weather is awful and you’re probably stuck inside, it’s the perfect day to make something! And if you’re interested in even more examples of how crafts can make you feel better check out: